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Rasp is a mentoring and befriending project for young refugee and asylum seekers living in Brighton and Hove.

Through our team of befrienders (other young people from the local area) we aim to help build self-confidence and a sense of community for those new to the city.

We will be running regular drop-in sessions in Brighton where young people can meet and socialise in a safe and fun environment, in addition to having one-to-one time with their befriender who will offer support with any other issues or worries.

ypc garden project-18th and 21st-feb 2009

ypc garden project-18th and 21st-feb 2009

Are you aged 16-25 and new to the UK?
Would you like some support and a friendly face?

Rasp will help you to:

  • Meet other young people from a variety of backgrounds who live in the city
  • Combat isolation by providing regular drop-in sessions which are a way to make new friends, learn about activities you can access in the city,  improve your IT skills, get advice a guidance on a number of issues, take part in cookery sessions and have fun!

Why be a Befriender?

  • For those, aged 18-25 years, interested in being a befriender you will play a key role in helping young refugee and asylum seekers in their transition to independence.

  • You will:

  • Play a pivotal role in the building of confidence and self esteem in others ,combating the isolation that is often faced by those that you will befriend.

  • Provide invaluable one to one support in enabling integration into the local community.

  • Learn about other cultures and issues that face young refugees and asylum seekers who come to the UK

  • Receive regular support during drop ins and via email and the telephone

  • Lead drop in activities, workshops and cookery sessions.

Winter solstice, Burning of the Clocks Parade 2008

Winter solstice, Burning of the Clocks Parade 2008

If this project interests you please contact us: